The Psystrology Method Review

This Psystrology Method review is of revolutionary system created for women that helps you reclaim your life, your destiny, and enables you to become who you truly are. It was created and designed by Felicity Keith, and is based on numerous years of research and personal observations.

Tools of The Psystrology Method

1. The Superwoman Effect – Often women are pushed by feminism to occupy multiple roles at once. Get to know how you can rid yourself of self criticism, and the feeling that you should always be perfect.

2. Seven Secret Pillars of Your Feminine Soul – This will help you understand who you really are.

3. Your Personal Fate Map – Learn how to make even the most difficult decisions promptly and without doubt by simply tracing the details of your Fate Map in your mind.

4. The ‘Lie of Having It All’ – Learn how your way of setting goals has been eroding away your ability to ever be happy.

5. The Spiritual Side of Depression – Learn a simple exercise that you can use to balance your brains neurotransmitters.

6. The Curse of the People’ Pleaser – This is inclusive of a three-word affirmation that you can always whisper to yourself to grant yourself permission to say NO without any guilt or hesitation.

7. The Kali’s Fire Technique – This will help to tame and channel your anger, transforming your most destructive urges into positive energy, thus making you much more productive.

8. The Cosmic Compassion Technique – Upon mastering this, you will never feel nervous or anxious about dealing with difficult people again. You will gain the ability to create empathy from angry or stubborn strangers instantly.

9. The Wealth Wave – Get to know how your subconscious mind has been sabotaging your relationship with money and how to wash away those limiting thoughts, giving yourself the financial abundance you have been denying yourself for so long.the psystrology method

Who is this Method For?

This method would be the right one for you if:

  • You have been depressed of late
  • You barely see the beauty around
  • You feel like you’re a failure in life
  • Your emotional pain is too much to handle


Besides the Psystrology method ebook, you will get 3 bonuses. They include:

1. Destiny Man Test – This includes some questions you can ask any man to find out whether or not he is ‘Mr Right’.

2. The Celestial Cash Calendar – A psystrological chart which tells you which days are right for deciding different day to day matters such as work, money and your future.

3. 99 Affirmations for Wealth, Health and Love – These are 99 positive affirmations which will contribute to improving your health, your personal life and boosting your wealth.


  • The Method is unbelievably inexpensive. It’s actually lowly priced for the value it offers.
  • It comes with three great and handy bonuses, and they’re completely free.
  • The program is quite comprehensive, detailed and easy to understand.
  • The program is based on numerous years of research and study, thus highly reliable.


  • It is geared towards women, and not useful to men.
  • There is no hardcopy and only availble as an eBook that you download and can read from your smartphone or eReader such as an iPad, kindle, Samsung.


The Psystrology Method is unique and effective in providing a scientific and astrological approach to the healing of your emotional scars and wounds. You will learn how society has made you the person you are today and the changes that need to be made to help you unravel your full potential to be the person you were always destined to become.

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